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1657. Determine if Two Strings are Close

We have two strings. We need to know if we can create one string from the other by replacing
characters. The characters within the first string need to exist in the second string. If we were to
replace characters, they should have the same frequency in both strings.

First we check to see if the strings are the same length. Then we check to see if the characters in
both strings are the same. Finally, we count the frequency of the characters, sort the frequencies,
and verify that they match.

Because we only deal with lowercase letters, our storage is O(1) and our time complexity is O(n).
Usually sorting is O(n log n), but because we only have 26 characters, we can consider it O(1).
Therefore, we only incur an O(n) time complexity because of the counting.

The solution is as follows:

  from collections import Counter

  class Solution:
      def closeStrings(self, word1: str, word2: str) -> bool:
          if len(word1) != len(word2): return False
          if set(word1) != set(word2): return False
          word1_count = Counter(word1)
          word2_count = Counter(word2)
          return sorted(word1_count.values()) == sorted(word2_count.values())

_ Time Complexity:

  O(n) - We count the frequency of all the characters in the input, and conduct a sort with a time
  complexity of O(26 log 26).

_ Space Complexity:

  O(1) - All inputs consist of lowercase English letters, so the space complexity is constant.