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1413. Minimum Value to Get Positive Step by Step Sum

Simple, sorta fun. Think of the problem this way, you want the start value answer to be the lowest
number we calculate if we were to add the step by step value of each integer in the array with a
start value of 0. Essentially, the start value will be the minimum number preventing the step by step
value from becoming negative.

We iterate through the list of integers, add each integer to our running total, and we maintain the
minimum total we've encountered for the entire run of the iteration.

The solution is as follows:

  class Solution:
      def minStartValue(self, nums: List[int]) -> int:
          ans = total = 0

          for num in nums:
              total += num
              ans = min(ans, total)

          return -ans + 1

_ Time Complexity:

  O(n) - We traverse the array once.

_ Space Complexity:

  O(1) - We maintain our answer in constance space.