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Willing to relocate
Clearance: Top Secret (TS/SCI) with CI Polygraph
Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
Master of Science, Computer Science (Specialization: Computing Systems), 4.0 GPA December 2022
Mississippi State University Starkville, MS
Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, 3.61 GPA December 2017
Senior Software Engineer June 2021 – Present
U.S. Army Cyber Command - Cyber Solutions Development Fort Gordon, GA
- Managed a team of 12 security researchers using tools like IDAPro, Ghidra, LLVM, and QEMU, to research,
discover, and exploit vulnerabilities in embedded devices and Windows applications, enabling the organization
to avoid costs procuring similar vendor solutions, resulting in a significant savings.
- Developed a shellcode library using C, Python, and CMake, enabling 20 developers to cross-compile ubiquitous
shellcodes for Intel, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC processor architectures, eliminating duplicate shellcodes across
9 exploit development projects.
- Triaged 5 public vulnerability disclosures, releasing 7 bespoke exploit tools, providing initial access to computer
networks of interest for 6 operations teams across 3 organizations and 4 uniformed services.
- Instructed 5 operations teams on the effective use of exploit tools, increasing stakeholder interaction and
influencing organizational policy to emphasize consistent stakeholder engagement.
- Hosted 12 monthly training events covering reverse-engineering and exploit development techniques,
increasing the organization’s number of trained security researchers by 25%.
- Overhauled the organization’s technical documentation process using Markdown, LaTeX, Pandoc, CMake, and
Python, enabling developers to better detect documentation errors prior to release.
Software Engineer February 2018 – May 2021
U.S. Army Cyber Command - Cyber Solutions Development Fort Gordon, GA
- Redesigned the organization’s binary obfuscation methods using LLVM, rendering obfuscated artifacts
unrecognizable compared to the original, inhibiting reverse-engineering efforts and preventing developers from
spending 40 hours manually obfuscating existing projects.
- Implemented 11 modules for a Python exploit framework, automating common operator tasks and reducing
50% of human interaction, increasing mission efficiency for 5 operations teams.
- Automated the organization’s compilation, testing, release, and deployment process by integrating existing
projects into GitLab CI, expediting tool development and release for 3 developer teams.
- Obfuscated web-based malware written in PHP using open source software and designed command, control,
and configuration mechanisms using Python, enabling 3 operations teams across 2 uniformed services to
maintain persistent access to web targets of interest.
Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM)
CompTIA Security+ (Sec+)
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Languages: Python, C/C++, x86, amd64, MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, TileGX, Java
Libraries: gRPC, OpenMP/MPI, libvirt, libcurl, POX, Mininet, OpenFlow, LLVM, Z3, NumPy, SciPy, pandas, pwntools
Developer Tools: Git, GitLab CI, Atlassian Bamboo, Jupyter, Docker, QEMU, GDB, WinDbg, angr, AFL, KLEE
Applications: VMware, VirtualBox, Vagrant, Ghidra, IDAPro, BinaryNinja, BinDiff
Frameworks: Metasploit, WordPress
Splinter Shell | | Python, Scapy, Scikit-learn, amd64 April 2021 - Present
Employed unsupervised learning techniques to train a machine learning model on a corpus of packet captures,
classifying normal and malicious network traffic and encoding shellcodes to bypass intrusion prevention
The Dark Arts | | C, Python, Ghidra, pwntools, angr July 2020 - Present
Composed a blog to catalogue my adventures in reverse-engineering and binary exploitation, serving as a
training resource for junior security researchers.
Constraint-based Variable Analyzer | | C++, LLVM, Z3 October 2021
Transformed programs into LLVM intermediate representation (IR), derived Datalog facts from the instructions,
and designed a reaching definition and live variables analysis using Z3.
Data Dependency Tracker | | Python, Ghidra July 2021
Wrote Python scripts to parse Ghidra disassembly, generating control flow graphs and data dependency
tracking for functions in malware specimens.
Stock Trading Robot | | Python, NumPy, pandas April 2022
Employed reinforcement learning to train a model on historical stock metrics, assessing the trading robot’s
performance on out-of-sample data, outperforming a manual trading strategy by 30%.
Multi-class Random Forest | | Python, NumPy July 2022
Improved upon existing multi-class classification tree and random forest implementations, achieving a
classification accuracy of 84% on out-of-sample data.
Extensible MapReduce Framework | | C++, gRPC, Protobuf April 2020
Designed an extensible, distributed system to MapReduce a large corpus of data, applying data sharding and
load balancing to enhance performance.
Distributed File System | | C++, gRPC, Protobuf November 2019
Engineered a concurrent server capable of handling clients initiating asynchronous gRPC requests to upload
and download files.
SDN Firewall | | Python, Mininet, OpenFlow, POX March 2021
Constructed an emulated network to test software-defined network firewall rules, programming real-time traffic
inspection to enforce access controls.
Mentor February 2022 – May 2022
Grovetown High-school Robotics Club Grovetown, GA
Mentored high-school students on robotics mechanical engineering, setup of electrical components, and
development of Arduino code for controller logic. Lead the Grovetown High-school Robotics Club to take 1st
place in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Fully Wired high-school robotics competition.
Volunteer May 2021 – July 2021
Air Force Association CyberPatriot Augusta, GA
Moderated a Virtual CyberPatriot Summer Camp via Zoom and provided instruction to high-school students on
techniques to harden the security posture of various Linux distributions.
Volunteer August 2019 – March 2020
Girls Who Code Augusta, GA
Facilitated club meetings and taught 6th - 12th grade girls Python game development.
CISA President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition - 3rd Place 3 x Army Achievement Medals